Queen Size Bed Sheets

Selecting queen size bed sheets for your bed can be easy if you follow some simple guidelines. The most important guideline is to make sure the bed is a queen size. A queen size bed has a size of 60x80 inches. Therefore, the sheets need to be the same size. If the right size is selected the will fit the bed correctly and not come undone when sleeping on the bed.

Once the correct size bed has been selected, sheets need to be purchased to fit on it. Queen sheets come in all sorts of wonderful colors and fabrics. Depending on one's budget on what type of sheets can be purchased. Some are made with 100% cotton, silk or other materials. Even within those categories, there are different types of fabric.

The quality is measured in thread count. The higher the threads count the better the quality of the sheets. This also means the more threads the more they cost. Materials like Egyptian silk are one of the most expensive fabrics to make sheets out of. However, it is a wonderful and sturdy fabric to create the sheets. They can be bought as a single or a set.

The sets come with a fitted and a top one. The fitted is for the mattress and has deep pockets to allow it to stay on the mattress. The fitted one features an elastic edge at each corner. This allows for a snug fit and more security when staying on the mattress.

The top one is designed to be a cover for the people sleeping in the bed. To see all these different kinds a person can look online or go to a store. Both places have the sheets broke into fabric types and thread count, this makes looking through the many selections go faster.